Arthur and Daniel Chmielewski
Co-founders of HAVEN

Fashion , Design , Media


Brothers Arthur and Daniel Chmielewski pride themselves on their curation process, making sure everything passes through what they have dubbed the “HAVEN filter.” For 13 straight years, this filter has helped the duo in elevating the fashion landscape with their renowned Canadian clothier HAVEN, in addition to streamlining their e-commerce store and now-defunct print publication, intelligence Magazine.

“We put everything through this filter and 
we ask ourselves: is this actually good product? Does it deserve to be on the shelves of our store? We apply that same kind of mentality to what we’re doing internally with our own product,” Arthur shares with us in a recent HYPEBEAST Magazine interview.

Dedicated in curating quality menswear items for the style-conscious male, the Chmielewskis continue to work closely with the industry’s elite to deliver an abundance of exclusive ranges from celebrated brands such as visvim and WTAPS to more obscure Japanese labels. As 2019 winds down, both Arthur and Daniel have shown great passion and dedication in progressing streetwear culture. And what’s ahead for HAVEN? “We’re still trying to bring the best products to our customers. That’s our responsibility to them,” Arthur states.