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Trade shows

Feb 18, 2010 @ 12:19
Is there any trade shows in canada? i know there is plenty in the u.s. like magic and such.. I heard of one in Toronto but can not remember the name of it.
Feb 18, 2010 @ 20:43
5 and a dime
Feb 21, 2010 @ 14:32
there are some in the prairies but they don't sell anything worth looking at
Feb 21, 2010 @ 14:49
Mar 05, 2010 @ 02:21
what's that?
Mar 08, 2010 @ 12:53
There was Profile tradeshow at the Toronto Congress Centre last week. I was there, it was pretty weak.....nothing like Magic.
Mar 10, 2010 @ 07:22
There are magic shows in toronto.
the last one was about 3-4 months ago.

There should be a vinyl tradeshow sometime soon.
flyers come in during every tradeshow which is every 6 months.
Apr 05, 2010 @ 05:19
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