Virginia Rapper Mad Skillz Rounds up the Past Year With "2017 Rap Up"

“You can’t stop a protest with a can of Pepsi.”

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2018 is now upon us and to wrap up the last 12 months, Virginia rapper Mad Skillz has just dropped his annual “Rap Up” for 2017. Spitting bars over 50 Cent’s “Big Rich Town” beat, from the popular crime-drama Power, Skillz touched upon a bevy of topics from Lavar Ball to Sean Spicer and Donald Trump to Jordan Peele. Skillz also highlights many of 2017’s milestones from the Women’s March and Beyoncé’s announcement that she had twins. Skillz even pokes fun at Kendall Jenner’s advertising fiasco, “You can’t stop a protest with a can of Pepsi.”

Take a listen to Skillz “2017 Rap Up” below. And in case you’ve missed it, Grailed lists its 30 most popular brands of 2017.