'Black Mirror' "Happy New Year" Trailer Proves Life Imitates Art

Truth is stranger than fiction.

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As one of this year’s most binged shows, Black Mirror is already on the path to success and universal acclaim in 2018. With the new season now out and available for streaming, Netflix has shared a special teaser-trailer that briefly explores some of the eerie parallels between the real world and the narratives featured in the program.

Released as a unique way to promote the latest six episodes, the latest Black Mirror vignette spotlights the sociopolitical topics tackled during the show’s history. In the program’s “Happy New Year” trailer, visuals of household names like Vladimir Putin, Theresa May, Mark Zuckerberg, Roger Stone, Donald Trump and Steve Bannon are intermixed with shots from the show’s matching storylines. While the video includes several clips from past seasons, it’s a solid summary of the overall themes of Black Mirror as a whole.

You can check out the latest Black Mirror vignette above, and log in to Netflix to binge-watch the new season now. For those seeking deeper analysis of Black Mirror, check out this breakdown of its plot twists.

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