Dior Homme Invokes Nostalgia & Youth for Summer 2018 Campaign

Inspired by varsity apparel, “young manhood” and romanticism.

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Earlier this week, Dior Homme presented a rose-filled Spring/Summer 2018 visual to promote its latest major Spring/Summer campaign. With art direction from Kris Van Assche, the vignette featured Pet Shop Boys’ “Heart” as its soundtrack and actor Charlie Plummer as its star. Now, the Dior Homme narrows in on its Summer 2018 lineup for its latest visual.

Put together by photographer David Sims and stylist Mauricio Nardi, the visuals for the Summer 2018 campaign celebrates Kris Van Assche’s 10-year anniversary with Dior Homme. Inspired by the concepts of youth, “nostalgic romanticism,” “young manhood,” Dior Homme’s Summer 2018 campaign utilizes “varsity elements” and stars Pet Shop Boys musicians Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe, Andres Wolf, Henry Rausch, Anton Jaeger and, once again, Charlie Plummer.

You can check out Dior Homme’s Summer 2018 campaign above. At the beginning of the year, the legendary brand reinterpreted the classic suit for the Spring/Summer 2018 Denim campaign.