99%IS's Skeleton Hoodies Let You Relive LRG's Dead Serious Days

In red and black too just like the Lifted Research Group.

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Designer Bajowoo of 99%IS has a new release up his sleeve that should wow some nostalgic streetwear fans. Aptly called the “Dancing Skeleton” hoodies, the products are quite reminiscent of streetwear’s mid-2000s craze over LRG‘s “Dead Serious” sweats. To give some of you a blast from the past, the item was once made popular by Kanye West who was seen wearing the LRG piece a few times out during those days (also check out the image below).

Now, 99%IS is releasing an oddly similar rendition in the same colors of black and red. They are also fully zippable for complete face coverage with proper eye holes so you can still keep your vision unobstructed. The hoodies will be released on January 29, Monday 11 a.m. (Korea time) at the 99%IS web shop.

OUR LiFE. #99percentis

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DANCING 2GETHER. #99percentis

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99%IS Dancing Skeleton Hoodies Like LRG Dead Serious