Brockhampton Shares Tracklist & Album Artwork For 'Saturation 2'

All the details for their upcoming sequel to ‘Saturation.’

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Following a breakout year of impressive releases, Brockhampton has officially unveiled the album artwork and tracklist for their long-awaited sequel, Saturation 2. Announced on Twitter, Saturation 2 will consist of 16 tracks and will have no outside features.

As for the album cover, you’ll find Ameer Vann riding in an old school, while Robert Ontenient is on the back sleeve in some bifocal swim goggles that have the ability to see the future. Check out the tracklist and album art below:

1. “Gummy”
2. “Queer”
3. “Jello”
4. “Teeth”
5. “Swamp”
6. “Scenic”
7. “Tokyo”
8. “Jesus”
9. “Chick”
10. “Junky”
11. “Scene”
12. “Fight”
13. “Sweet”
14. “Gamba”
15. “Sunny”
16. “Summer”

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Ashlan Grey