A Look Inside the Only Fake YEEZY Store in the World

FEEZYS aren’t really that cheap.

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In a new video, YouTuber Collin Abroadcast offers an exclusive inside look at the world’s only fake YEEZY store. Earlier this year China took its knockoffs to the next level when a fake YEEZY store popped up in the in the country’s shoe factory capital. Located in Wenzhou, the bootleg exclusive store is simply named “YEEZY” and proudly displays the familiar logo found on Kanye West’s adidas collaborations on its storefront. The walls within the store are decked with YEEZY-inspired accessories, YEEZY BOOST replicas and outlandish original creations which are available in varying levels of quality. Take a look inside the only fake YEEZY store in the world and let us know what you think.

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Collin Abroadcast