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Suge Knight Thinks Dr. Dre Tried to Kill Him

The story involves a “hit man” named “Tee-Money,” a 2014 shooting, corrupt police & more.

Here’s some more bizarre news coming out of Suge Knight‘s legal issues. The former Death Row don is alleging that Dr. Dre attempted to have him murdered. As Pitchfork reports, Suge Knight and his legal team allege that Dr. Dre hired a “hit man’ to kill Knight. The 50-year-old’s lawyer states that his client’s poor treatment comes from “a massive scandal and cover-up” that invovles a connection to a “hit man and Dr. Dre.” As far-fetched as it may sound, the story from Suge Knight lawyer Thaddeus Culpepper goes as follows: according to the lead detective in Suge Knight’s current murder case, the man behind Suge Knight’s 2014 night club shooting — “Tee-Money” — “stated that Dr. Dre paid him and a friend $50,000 to kill Knight.” Culpepper alleges that an off-duty sheriff’s deputy “was seen on video letting the gunmen in the front door” of the night club Knight was shot at, and even aided the gunman at the airport as he attempted to flee the United States. Finally, Culpepper claims that the Police “inexplicably released Tee-Money.” Of course, Dr. Dre’s own lawyers go beyond simply denying the allegations, labeling them as “ridiculous.” We’ll keep you posted as Suge Knight’s current legal problems develop. You could probably make a pretty lengthy movie about Suge Knight’s current troubles.

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