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The Hundreds: Screen Resolution

Bobby Hundreds reflects back on the brand’s past and important aspect of the brand’s development —

Bobby Hundreds reflects back on the brand’s past and important aspect of the brand’s development — their experiences involving screen-printing. He somberly remembers the disaster of his first screenprint investment, and how he and Ben entertained fears of never getting that dream off the ground.

So we showed up on our friend’s doorstep, unannounced, and demanded to see our product. One by one, he pulled each crumpled t-shirt from the floor mess. The first tee’s graphic was a little too high in placement. He shrugged, “It’s not so bad,” and picked up another. This time the print was upside down. A little flustered, he tossed it aside and grabbed the next shirt. The print was on the wrong side. “There’s always a margin of error,” he justified, “you have to expect a few fuck-ups.”

“Then how do you explain this?,” Ben asked, as he reached down and handed our friend a completely blank t-shirt. No print anywhere.

And that was that. 15 minutes later we were sitting in the car, doors flung open, staring at the roof with the sun glinting in our eyes. “Our company’s over before we even started,” we wailed in self-pity. That was everything, all our cash that had gone into the blanks — right down the drain with the ink washed from the screens.

But with a little determination, and refusal to take ‘no’ for an answer from one of the area’s largest screen printers, The Hundreds more than got off the ground, creating an institution in streetwear. Check out the rest of the post from Bobby Hundreds here.

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