HYPEBEAST Spaces: Levi’s® Station to Station Train

EditorialComments ⋅ Oct 16, 2013
Over the course of September, we partnered with Levi’s® and embarked on the 10-stop Station to Station train as it made its way across the entire United States. The nomadic art experience conceptualized by Doug Aitken began in NYC and concluded in Oa...

Levi’s® Station to Station: Process with the Levi’s® Tailor Shop

StyleComments ⋅ Oct 10, 2013
Levi’s® has been in the business of making dependable and practical clothing for over 140 years. Many have viewed Levi’s® as a brand of function and practicality but beneath it all is a brand with a deeper creative agenda. The launch of t...

Pen & Paper: Taylor-Ruth of Hanging Rock Comics for Levi’s Station to Station

EditorialComments ⋅ Oct 7, 2013
As a partner to the recent public art project, Station to Station – made possible by Levi’s® – we had the good fortune of joining creative personas from all walks of life on a train across the United States. The moving art project w...

Levi’s® Station to Station: PROCESS with Leslie Terzian Markoff of Tangleblue

StyleComments ⋅ Oct 3, 2013
You can’t help but feel the passion that emanates from Tangleblue’s Leslie Terzian Markoff the minute you ask about her craft and weaving. Tangleblue was one of the featured Levi’s® Makers at each Station to Station events with the Levi’s® Make...

Levi’s® x HYPEBEAST Railside Conversations: Eddie Huang & DJ SoSuperSam

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 2, 2013
In September, Levi’s® and HYPEBEAST brought together two unique creatives from different fields to discuss identity, inspiration and creative process as it relates to their own craft, as part of an extension of Station to Station...

Levi’s® Station to Station

ArtsComments ⋅ Oct 1, 2013
Levi’s® Station to Station Station to Station, a public art project made possible by Levi’s®, spans the month of September across the United States. Setting forth as an initiative to help push the boundaries of creativity and disco...

Levi’s® Station to Station: The Makers Tools Repurposes Vintage for Now

ArtsComments ⋅ Sep 19, 2013
The world we live in is undeniably technologically-driven. Our dependence on the digital world is often second nature as we effortlessly flick the screen of our touch-capable devices in the endless pursuit of knowledge, entertainment… or the highest...

Levi’s® Station to Station: PROCESS with Alice Saunders of Forestbound

StyleComments ⋅ Sep 16, 2013
As we live in an era of fast fashion and overt consumption, Alice Saunders of Forestbound bags has taken it upon herself to breathe life and story into reclaimed bags as part of her small one-man operation. Her original interest in World War II memor...

Streetsnaps: Chad Hinson of Levi’s®

StyleComments ⋅ Sep 13, 2013
Location: Union Depot Station, St. Paul, United States

Levi’s® Station to Station: Jay Carroll of the Levi’s Makers Project Discusses the Importance of Artisans

StyleComments ⋅ Sep 12, 2013
Levi’s® Station to Station, a public art project made possible by Levi’s®, has provided the opportunity for one of Levi’s® lesser known initiatives — the Makers Project — the chance to collaborate with some of America’s smallest ind...

Levi’s® Station to Station: Pittsburgh Recap

StyleComments ⋅ Sep 9, 2013
Levi’s fall campaign in collaboration with Doug Aitken’s Station to Station, a public art project made possible by Levi’s®, kicked off on Friday with the inaugural launch in New York City. Station to Station, a public art project made pos...