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Aaron Levant Introduces the Launch of Agenda Las Vegas

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After 10 years, it’s safe to say that Agenda has positioned itself as one of if not the premiere street-centric trade show. After two successful stops in both New York City and Long Beach this year, next up for the Los Angeles-based outfit is t...

Aaron Levant: The Trade Show Grind Part 2

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After following the Agenda trade show founder Aaron Levant behind the scenes, we take to the trade show floor with Aaron. Along the way, we get a firsthand experience of the sights and sounds with input on the importance of the Agenda trade show, to...

Aaron Levant: The Tradeshow Grind Part 1

VideosComments ⋅ 497 Views
Not many know what it’s like to start and run a tradeshow quite like Aaron Levant of Agenda. In preparation for this season’s show which takes place today in Anaheim, we caught up behind-the-scenes with Levant. Originally getting his foot...