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Recently Article 4 of the Constitution has received a great deal of attention because Hawaii and Vermont have considered making a marriage between partners of the same sex a legally recognized marriage. Because of Article 4, some legal experts say that all other states also must recognize same-sex couples, married in Hawaii or Vermont, as legally being married. Therefore, these couples would have the same rights and privileges as opposite-sex married couples. In response, many states have passed amendments to their state constitutions outlawing same-sex marriage.

Put yourself in the position of a person who must interpret the federal government's role in this conflict among the states. If the federal government rules Article 6 will override the state regulations. Remember that you must interpret the law, not your personal feelings about the outcome. Use the Internet and/or other references to research the issues if you

i dont understand if im suppose to act as if im gay and i wish to be married or do i have to explain why gays cant get married?
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Basically the constitution over powers any state regulations against same sex marriage. So what you have is Article 4 of the constitution protecting the rights of gays and lesbians. Your job is to explain how the federal government should approach and solve this manner, without letting personal opinions get involved.

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Gay people

You can't explain that.

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