WDYWT: 2010 (Chat Edition) (Flaming fit is fine. Flame person = Infraction)

January 02, 2010 @ 22:59:58
Even with that taken into account it appears short so pull your pants up. WTF is the belt for ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
January 02, 2010 @ 23:03:08
guys guys, it's obvious the belt is for fashion. go down a size and pull up your fucking pants. size down on the jacket too, shit is dripping off your shoulders.

edit: dirty up those fucking vans too jesus. keeping them vnds??
January 02, 2010 @ 23:10:32

Kappa steez, Yo YOOO!!!
-All star Kardinals New Era
-UO Blakk Hoodie
-AA Blakk Tee
-Blakk Levi 501s
-Blakk Konverse
-Ace Klub Kane
January 02, 2010 @ 23:20:30
Dear lord..... Not again.
January 02, 2010 @ 23:22:42
Originally posted by Inactive User
yes. I tried these on one time, and in my opinion, they fit better than the levi's.

i thought it fit bad the sleeves hung over my hands which drives me nuts

(yea droppin truth dog)
January 02, 2010 @ 23:37:42

This fit looks awfully familiar hmmmm???
January 02, 2010 @ 23:38:34
Lol ^Kappa, Yo baby
January 02, 2010 @ 23:41:36

Supreme x2
January 02, 2010 @ 23:42:51
Kappa Kane= new hype?
January 02, 2010 @ 23:44:13

Reigning Champ
Frag Chucks

Caveman ass looking *****
January 02, 2010 @ 23:44:29

dope. smokeyface
January 02, 2010 @ 23:45:38
2010 off to a bumpy start smh
January 02, 2010 @ 23:47:06


Honestly, if the jeans were sagged a lil and the shirt was lil bigger, its a solid fit, just size up slightly on both and for me its on point. The leather on the cookies looks smokeyface
January 03, 2010 @ 00:11:12
Shirt fits fine it just looks a little off with the jeans.

Good fit imo

Everything is purple.. my brain is fuckin purple

January 03, 2010 @ 00:13:55
yeah i guess, the jeans are just off, overall though like i said pretty solid
January 03, 2010 @ 00:15:38
KY w/o the tanner goods?

Is that a first?
January 03, 2010 @ 00:17:46
eh i have a cardholder and a tether on.
January 03, 2010 @ 00:31:49

Reigning Champ
Frag Chucks

I really like the stuff you've been posting lately. However, what the temp where you're at? I wish I could still be wearing stuff like that, instead of parkas and boots.
January 03, 2010 @ 00:42:59
January 03, 2010 @ 00:58:45
^really nice fit imo, been seeing a lot more vests lately, what brand is it?
January 03, 2010 @ 01:06:16
JustU that fit is dope as hell. mad nice.


January 03, 2010 @ 01:12:41
Thanks to those that commented on my last fit &) (even though I'm responding mad late now ha). To those that commented about the colors (negatively or positively), brown/navy has been my color scheme this f/w, I can't get enough of it.

Scotty solid fits, I've seen you on superfuture like others have mentioned... I would rep but I don't have any rep points because of my post count aha.

And 2010 starting it off with a lot of random mofos posting...?! I guess dem newbiez were waiting for 2010 to be their fit year
January 03, 2010 @ 01:24:19
Originally posted by Inactive User
^really nice fit imo, been seeing a lot more vests lately, what brand is it?

looks like old navy. could be wrong.

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January 03, 2010 @ 01:36:24
caveman ass looking *****

January 03, 2010 @ 02:07:29
2010 off to a bumpy start smh

January 03, 2010 @ 02:44:36


fearitself is that you ?
January 03, 2010 @ 03:15:59
I know what you're sayin, I wore mine for a week straight a couple weeks ago. They're great.

what type of vans are they? i can barely even see em
January 03, 2010 @ 03:19:51

from new years posted it in the 09 thread but i took it down since i knew the 2010 thread would be up soon

sorry for flash shoulda just asked someone to take the pic for me
January 03, 2010 @ 03:45:11
This page makes me want to cry.
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