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[STICKY] Sneaker Identification Thread

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[STICKY] Sneaker Legit Check

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boots similar to Opening Ceremony M1?

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Best all white shoes?

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Black shoes

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What shoes do you wear in the rain?

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Most comfortable shoes you own.

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How many shoes are in your rotation.

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looking for shoe designer drawings/renders

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Common Projects Chelsea Boots SIZING HELP!

Latest by shizhong guo, 2 Weeks ago

Casual shoes

Latest by M1keEm, 2 Weeks ago

good formal/casual shoes?

Latest by Callum, 2 Weeks ago

Vans/Converse canvass shoe alternatives..

Latest by Callum, 2 Weeks ago

How do you store sneakers?

Latest by Tracy Shawn, 2 Weeks ago

Sneaker Websites

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Can men wear women's roshe runs ?

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Latest by Jenny01, 2 Weeks ago

Are the OVO 10s coming out August 1st?

Latest by Hustlin, 2 Weeks ago

what are some good driving shoes/loafers or what you niggas wear when you dress up for dates or casu

Latest by belvedere312, 2 Weeks ago

Got engine oil on my SB Janoski Max's - need cleaning tips

Latest by epik1, 2 Weeks ago

Air Yeezy 2 Platinum Legit Check Help!

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New sneaker from Sole

Latest by Topaz, 2 Weeks ago

Jordan Cement III Gas Mask Art Piece

Latest by SHUSH, 2 Weeks ago

Sneakers: Where to start?

Latest by Sara Smith, 2 Weeks ago

Anyone knows what's the iridescent material looks like irl on Adidas' custom Superstar page?

Latest by Sara Smith, 2 Weeks ago

Shoes Size question

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What are your top 5 kicks? Here's mine.

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Shoe Cleaner on Icey Soles?

Latest by cyphercomplete, 2 Weeks ago

What would it take for you to sell DS yeezys?

Latest by AUSTINWK, 2 Weeks ago

Where you get your Jordans from?

Latest by waqob, 2 Weeks ago

Has anybody used Liquiproof?

Latest by Y-3, 2 Weeks ago

Clarks Desert Boots Sizing

Latest by antony1993, 2 Weeks ago

Help? How can I customize my Lunarfly 306s?

Latest by jn15, 2 Weeks ago

The Official Ronnie Fieg/Kith Disccusion Page

Latest by TXbackpack, 2 Weeks ago
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Can anyone help? Nike Rift look alike

Latest by BetterBlazers.Com, 2 Weeks ago

Will Insoles Make Chucks More Comfortable

Latest by Y-3, 2 Weeks ago

Stan Smith sizing

Latest by Y-3, 2 Weeks ago

Y-3 Yohji Boost Black

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