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Filling Pieces

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ID these Nikes?

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which boots for this winter vol . smth to fit my skinny legs tho

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ID these shoes?

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Sneaker Uni Project Help Needed

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Air Force 1s

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Help identifying shoes? Acronym site

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★★Leather Boots-Workboots★★

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Acne Adrian Sizing

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are sport blue vi's (6's) still on the shelves at your local mall?

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Air Jordan 11 "Columbia" low tops Size 12

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For Sale: Cool Grey 11 Lows Size 12

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Shoe racks?

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Sneakers: Where to start?

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PONY Vintage Slamdunk... sizing?

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Need Supra Muska 001 Sizing Help

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Jordan 3 legit check

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Is it bad to store your shoes in your closet?

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Footpatrol x Clarks Tawyer FP

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Concord 11 lows

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Air Presto sizing?

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Anyone know what shoes these are?

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How do you store sneakers?

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Adidas SL Loop Black/White: Good looking shoe?

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WTAPS x Vans Syndicate Burgundy Bones

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Legit Check Bred 11s

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Nike Air Max Hyperfuse vs Independence Day Pack

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Show your favourite flyknits here

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nike blazer lookalike ID?

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Is this Timberland website a fake?

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What shoes are these?

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What shoes are these? hypebeast article

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Has anyone ever bought from Packer shoes online store?

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Has anyone bought from

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Winter Boots/Shoes

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IF you had to choose..... (help please it's for school)

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Legit Check Air Jordan 10 Retro "Steel"

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LC on these older Visvim FBTs

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Diamond Folk mid's

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