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Alright so my sister is getting married on the 31st (New Years Eve) and I'm stumped on what to wear but I think I have a general Idea and I wanted to see what HB members thought and you input is appreciated
I was thinking this


BTW.Open bar so plan to go home with some bad bitch.
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SUIT UP! the fucks wrong with you?
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Since it is your sister's wedding, you don't want to be under dressed and you certainly don't want to be the guy wearing a waistcoat by itself. Like the poster above stated, suit up. Don't go flashy, with suits its understated and subtle things that make the impression. The fit (most important part), small bits and bobs like cuff links, and a decent tie with a proper windsor knot are really as flashy as you should be getting if you decide to at all.
December 8, 2011 @ 11:30 PM
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I agree with everyone.

I hate bow ties (some people pull it off), so throw that out if it was an option. Use a tie and see what works for you. If you're a slim guy, get a slim fitted tie, but if you're a bit big, get a regular one. Make sure it's simple... black! As for the knot, it depends on your body type. If you're on a budget, get a tie from Zara, but if you got money to blow, hit up any of the luxury dept. stores like Barneys or Saks.

Shirts... I'd opt for a white french cuff shirt and a nice pair of cuff links. If you're on a budget, get the shirt from Zara and maybe even the links. If you have money, I like the cuff links at Burberry and Ascot Chang makes the best shirts.

As for the suit... I'd get black for a wedding. Make sure you choose the correct fit. Good suits aren't cheap and your going to have it for awhile. Make sure it's got 3 buttons too. Zara again... cheap, but good. Also J.Crew makes nice suits too. For ballers, Armani's the best, but I like BOSS.

Also, I'd do a hangkercheif and fold it into a pocket square and place it in my chest pocket. Get a cheap pack at Macy's lol. Poor or rich.

As for shoes, shop Aldo if you're broke. If you can afford it, I highly recommend Salvatore Ferragamo.

Belts... Salvatore Ferragamo FTW! If you're on a budget... figure it out haha.
December 8, 2011 @ 11:35 PM
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Also, vests are disgusting. Like they said in Superbad "you look like Aladdin" lol. Vests make you look like you're the one doing valet or serving crab cakes and champagne at the wedding.

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