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Hey all, quick questions for probably frequently asked issues here I'm guessing, regarding cuffing denim, epic stacks, and knee bulges...

1. Curious about any good techniques to cuff denim nicely so they they don't roll out (as of.. let's say you cuffed them with around ~1" of selvedge showing, and then they eventually roll out to like 2" after walking around during the day... how to prevent this.)

2. Any tips/tricks on training your denim to stack nicely? Like how to get rid of stacks piling up really wide and flaring out a

bit instead of being nice tight stacks?  I know that a friend of mine always taught me to pull the leg up to my knee so that the denim naturally stacked, and then slowly pull it back down and pull the backs of the leg back so it prevented stacks from flaring out, and kept them tighter.. maybe someone has other similar tips?

3. Finally, I bought a pair of N&F Weird Guys from a friend who is roughly the same size and height (he stopped wearing them after gaining a bit of weight... still havent even been washed, 9.5/10 condition). Anyways, I think this pair has a slight bulge at the knees from how he wore them, and I was just curious anything can be done about that? It isn't the end of the world but especially with the Weird Guy taper/cut I feel like it looks a little more strange than usual. I'm guessing soaking them to shrink them down is all I can do, and then hope that it will shrink the bulge, which won't bulge/stretch out again there since that was from he wore them, and not how they currently fit me?

I am a little reluctant to give them their first wash/soak only a few months into their lifetime, so maybe I'll hold off longer on that, but I'm just trying to get more knowledgeable about what can be done

TL;DR -   Curious about training raw denim (cuffing techniques and getting nice even stacks), as well as fixing knee bulges.

Thanks for reading, and for any insights and information anyone can give me (inb4 boil them or iron in nice fades/stacks... ffs lol)

EDIT:  Excuse the messed up formatting after posting... dunno what happened.
October 27, 2013 @ 01:04 AM

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to get the cuff to hold together fold them how you like, for example 1" and then you take an iron and iron that shit and it will stay at 1"
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1. just cuff them the way you want. if they're selvedge then it should stay.

2. stacks are natrual. cant really control them too much. I will say that sometimes, you need to know if you have too many stacks or too little. if you have too much, then get a hem.

3. knee buldge are normal. some looks better than others. depends on the jeans.
October 28, 2013 @ 04:11 AM

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totally getting downvotes for not trolling me lol... thanks for the reply!

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that's the best way to stack

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