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Trade agreement between ____ and Jens voigt

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Agreement between raks and Nhung2609

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Feedback: Jordyd29

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Feedback: greg

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Trade between me, @BigPO, and @XTCMen (Velvet Sk8-Hi's for DS White Rose) 9-13-13

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Agreement between waldar and Nhung2609

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Agreement between Moogy and Nhung2609

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Feedback: Spriteremix

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Trade Agreement between Wetcat and Triconx

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Trade Agreement Between DarthVader & forrestplump

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Scammer alert Adolf Hipster aka (jgranado11)

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Feedback: King_Tafari

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Sale Agreement Between CounterCulture and Modicum Of Light

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Sale Agreement Between HOCHSTE & _abstract69

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Agreement between redrum and Nevets

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Trade Agreement With 3holepunch and shroudsqt.

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Feedback: kieranz

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scammer alert! CounterCulture

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FEEEDBACK, SCAMMER!* @dirtysocks97

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Feedback: moneymoneymoney

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agreement between PeteZta and shmeeno

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Feedback: beverleynyc

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Scammer Alert: Qks27

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Bad experience with Ganzbino

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Feedback for @watchnutz

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Fabian7 Feedback

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Trade Agreement between beverleynyc and EC

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