The BlackBook Thread

December 02, 2007 @ 08:50:09
Nice work redshoe. Im sure if you took away that great fill of colour it wouldnt be as good though smh

Drak, to me your prob one of the best ive seen, im wack compared to you imho.

Ive decided to post up on more piece and then from then on im concentrating on my anime / graff characters.

Any one like streetfighter???? >smh
December 04, 2007 @ 13:13:06
jack why you say i spam

i am a true hypebeaster lol

Bow reps for the sv fam

Super. Villains.

true ldn writer

I LOVE TIDS true king
December 04, 2007 @ 14:27:49
nice stuff redshoepaul realy like the 2nd one nice letters just made truely buff with that fill

ceep it up (not like raby who is losing it and bow can beat him down it ict cause bow would rater speek to tids that him)
December 06, 2007 @ 03:38:04

my doodle from class
December 06, 2007 @ 11:43:52
doodlin at work!!
December 21, 2007 @ 06:19:37
This thread is officially dead.
December 21, 2007 @ 12:07:44
THats hot ^ :O

December 25, 2007 @ 14:46:00
Interested in this shit.
Anyone willing to tutor me?
or a source where i can learn?
December 26, 2007 @ 17:31:31

Bored on christmas day.

Sick santa primed.

EDD all I can say is just do simples.Just do block letters,like the ones on your keyboard.

Here's a link to some tutorials and useful advice:
December 26, 2007 @ 17:53:17
EDD all I can say is just do simples.Just do block letters,like the ones on your keyboard.

Here's a link to some tutorials and useful advice:

Big Up +1
December 26, 2007 @ 18:19:10
Big up+1000000000 bcause you are from LDN.
December 26, 2007 @ 18:22:38
Big up+1000000000 bcause you are from LDN.




u frm UK as well?
December 26, 2007 @ 18:52:50
Yeah, I rep EAST.

^Graff website with 100s of pages of London Graffiti.
December 27, 2007 @ 21:14:35
I was bored
December 28, 2007 @ 14:26:13
^^Haha nice man.

"I keep myself so lifted I'm accustom to new heights."

January 15, 2008 @ 20:01:20
Nice shit guys... i'll be posting my shit up once
I move into my new place.. Just haven't got my art supplies
out my boxes =[
January 15, 2008 @ 22:28:13

I guess this technically was done in my blackbook.

I'm putting a new section into the Award Tour site which basically is going to have uploaded pages of my sketchbook straight from the book so I will hopefully have a load of stuff to put in here soon..

Stuff is looking good Primd and Drak
January 17, 2008 @ 16:40:50
question.... how do I pick a name to write with that i can be sure is not taken? should I care? should i not care that much? i wanna just draw pieces first and then move on to spraying later on.

should i just practise with random words, or pick a name?

thanks in advance

It shouldnt really matter what name you have unless you are blatently ripin someone elses name/ style who lives in the same area as you.
January 21, 2008 @ 16:48:43
Thanks for the comments LOCH.Check your inbox too.

Maybe we'll see some graff inspired pieces from the Award tour in the future?
February 03, 2008 @ 14:19:22
Soooooo this thread is going through it's usual deadness again.

Let me start it up again:

Says ROGER.I was bored.



Painted piece.

I'm sure theres some more graffers on here.Get posting.
February 06, 2008 @ 15:37:05
Bump this bitch.
February 06, 2008 @ 15:49:46
Drak, i love the style on that roger peice.

February 07, 2008 @ 11:54:02

you cant realy see it but there is a gental fade from dark green to light green
February 07, 2008 @ 16:18:06
just got this one scaned in
February 07, 2008 @ 16:18:36
Drak - the colors on the fill are awesome but why dont u add onto the letter shapes? props on the piece too.

hugs s.v - id work on making the letters look better before the color. but if you want the fade to stand out more, put less green and more white on the outsides instead of just making it darker in the middle
February 07, 2008 @ 17:00:04
^I've just been going through a simple phase at the moment.I'm trying o perfect good simple letters but with a bit of style to make it stand out.
February 07, 2008 @ 18:45:55
looking back @ a few pages, really amazing stuff everyone.

this was just for fun but took me forever haha, any thoughts? :\

February 22, 2008 @ 10:41:06
Dope as usual Drak.

And whats with enjo? tongueface
February 22, 2008 @ 19:45:18
Some new ish:

February 22, 2008 @ 20:59:57
Dope as usual Drak.

And whats with enjo? tongueface

haha i dunno : \
does someone else use "enjo" ?
cause fobs dunno how to pronounce my name so they keep saying "enjo enjo" instead of angel so i just used that as a "name" smh
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