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Hello, I have a pair of Grim Tim Dry Dirt Organic in 28/34 and has about three days of wear on it, looking for 120$ shipped. Finally, I have a pair of thin finns for sale as well. They are Dry Organic Twill in size 29/34, they have about two months of wear on it, I am looking for 100$ shipped. Measurements (using BiG method) and pictures as follows:

Thin Finn Organic Dry Twill:

Waist: 15.8 inches
Rise: 9.25 inches
Thigh: 9.5 inches
Knee: 7 inches
Leg Opening: 6.5 inches

Grim Tim 28x34:

Waist: 15.5 inches
Rise: 9.25
Thigh: 9.75 inches
Knee: 7.5 inches
Leg Opening: 6.75 inches

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