March 21, 2010 @ 02:08 AM

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Welcome to Frank' store!

Contact details: PM or Email ( frank-van-der-sman [at] hotmail [dot] com )

Terms & conditions

* If you have questions just PM me
* All sales are final, I will not make any refunds
* Payments have to be made true PayPal (+4%/gift) or by Bank Transfer
* Payments have to be made in Euro's
* Im legit, please don't doubt it, if you don't trust me, don't buy
* Measurements are in Centimeters, PP=PitPit TB=TopBottom
* Have loads of refs on here, contact me if u need any. I also have an
ebay account with +60 fb 100% pos.

Shipping costs:


€15 inside Europe
€24 outside Europe

Brand: Visvim
Type: Jacket, Townsend (fishtail parka)
Size: XL
Colour: black (/verryyy dark blue (hard to tell))
Price: € 350 (~475 usd)
Comment(s): The jacket is in flawless condition! It has not had very many wears and I reckon I can rate this at least a 9 out 10. PacLite gore-tex, comes with the visvim bag!

Brand: Visvim
Type: Jeans, 03D3
Size: 36/32
Colour: Washed
Price: € 200 (~270 usd)
Comment(s): These jeans are in a very good condition! Bought them a while ago from for a shit load of money. They come with the bag and tags. Rate is about 8 out 10.

March 22, 2010 @ 05:41 AM

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Upppppppppppppppppppp 1
March 23, 2010 @ 06:53 AM

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Jeans sold, Townsend on hold.

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