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Meek Mill – The Progression

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With his album Dreams & Nightmares debuting on the US Billboard 200 chart at number 2 on it’s first week, it’s truly a living testament that hard work does pay off. Just a few years ago, the Philly rhymer explained to us this was some...

David Beckham: Journey to L.A.

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Few will argue the absolute relevance and reach of David Beckham. The former England captain’s almost 20 year career has consistently left fans at the edge of their seat thanks to both on-field performances and a highly documented off-field cel...

Travel Essentials

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When it comes to time to board that long trans-Pacific haul (sitting in economy nonetheless), you can’t help but think, traveling sucks. Crammed into tiny seats with increasingly ridiculous airline fees, terrible food, germ-infested re-circulated air...

CLOT : Travelling Mickey

FeaturesComments ⋅ 2930 Views
Over the course of the last few years, CLOT and Disney have had a fruitful relationship with several large scale projects spanning various Disney franchises. In their latest team-up, CLOT and Disney unite on the Travelling Mickey project which brings...

James Jean: Process Rebus

FeaturesComments ⋅ 4733 Views
To describe James Jean would be difficult. The visual artist has had the distinguished role of creating art through numerous fabrics of culture. Following his graduation from New York City’s School of Visual Art, Jean wasted no time in making his mar...

Swizz Beatz: Reestyle Collective

FeaturesComments ⋅ 538 Views
Earlier this year Swizz Beatz spearheaded the launch of Reebok’s all new platform known as the Reestyle Collective.

FUJIFILM X100: A Welcomed Hybrid

FeaturesComments ⋅ 2401 Views
Conceptually speaking, hybrids have enabled companies to offer an approach to design that enabled it to be progressive without alienating users with design and aesthetics that could potentially be lost on the consumer. In the case of the FUJIFILM X10...

Dr. Romanelli & George Bamford: A Tale of Two Customizers

FeaturesComments ⋅ 958 Views
United by their knack for customization and re-appropriation, it only makes sense that Dr. Romanelli and George Bamford of BAMFORD WATCH DEPARTMENT are the midst of working together on an upcoming project. We took a particular curiosity in this share...

AIAIAI: Reductive Headphone Design

FeaturesComments ⋅ 1306 Views
At a time when the convergence of lifestyle and head and earphones are at a pinnacle, Danish outfit AIAIAI has worked admirably to offer a quality product beyond just aesthetics. Taking immense pride in their design ethos and the total package, the b...

Humberto Leon: Opening Ceremony Meets Lane Crawford

FeaturesComments ⋅ 452 Views
In their respective markets, Opening Ceremony and Lane Crawford have both come to represent the pinnacle of fashion retail. Looking back, Lane Crawford has been a prominent player in Hong Kong having officially opened its first doors back in 1850. Si...