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Medicom Toy

Chewbacca Gets Revamped Into a Bearbrick
Medicom Toy Gets Into the Christmas Spirit With Latest Bearbricks
THE PARK・ING GINZA Is Launching a Medicom Toy Pop-Up Shop
SSUR Releases Floral-Themed Bearbricks
NEXUSVII. & Medicom Toy Bring Back Their All-Black 'Christ Unlimited' Figure
Porter & Medicom Toy Unveil a Tanker-Inspired Super-Alloy Bearbrick
Medicom Toy Releases an UNDERCOVER GRACE Doll Figure
BAPE & Medicom Toy Release New 'Star Wars' Figures
A Guide to Spotting Fake KAWS Products
DRx Romanelli Presents Handmade Limited Edition BE@RBRICKs
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