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Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake

Issey Miyake is the eponymous Japanese high fashion label of designer Issey Miyake founded in 1970 as the Miyake Design Studio and . ISSEY MIYAKE INC. was founded as a subsidiary to plan and manufacture clothes and related products for domestic and international sales.Brands and lines under Issey Miyake INC included the Pleat Please, HaaT, BaoBao, etc. selling clothings, watches, accessories, perfume. Founded in 1970 as the Miyake Design Studio upon the return of Miyake to Tokyo from stints in Paris and New York, the label was initially seen as an experimental laboratory for Japanese fashion. Showing its first ready-to-wear collection in New York in 1971, Issey Miyake also exhibited at Paris the following year, and launched its menswear line launched in 1978. The brand would opened its first store in 1974 in Tokyo’s Puzzle Aoyama building, followed by its first overseas store in Paris’ Place du Marche Saint-Honore the next year. Issey Miyake disrupted the traditional school of dressmaking with its “One Piece of Cloth” concept, where Miyake took a conceptual approach to studying the interplay between clothes and their wearer, and the space in between the two. Fusing the fashions of East and West, the designer also experimented with unconventional materials like plastic, paper, rope and woven grass, which he would pleat, crinkle and drape. Miyake had many close relationships with influential figures in arts and fashion -- he met Irving Penn in 1986, who would photograph the brand’s advertising campaigns for the next 13 years; and famously supplied Steve Jobs with his signature black turtlenecks. In 1993, the Pleats Please line was launched, where garments made from memory-holding polyester jersey fabric were pleated with heat so they would hold their form at all times. Miyake also launched A-POC in 1998 with his assistant Dai Fujiwara, where clothes could be customized with fabric cut-outs. In order to concentrate on fabric research, Miyake handed over men’s and womenswear design to Naoki Takizawa in 1999, and would open numerous projects throughout the ‘00s, such as HaaT in 2000, Issey Miyake Fête in 2004, and Bao Bao Issey Miyake and 1325 Issey Miyake in 2010.

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June - Opens the flagship "HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE / DAIKANYAMA" shop in Daikanyama


October - Opens the flagship "ISSEY MIYAKE" shop on 10 Brook Street, London


November - Launched the "HOMME PLISSÉ ISSEY MIYAKE" brand
June - Yusuke Takahashi presented his first SPRING SUMMER 2014 Collection under the "ISSEY MIYAKE MEN" label


October - Yoshiyuki Miyamae presents his first SPRING SUMMER 2012 Collection under the "ISSEY MIYAKE" label
June - A new design team presents their first ISSEY MIYAKE men's SPRING SUMMER 2012 Collection


September - Launched the "BAO BAO ISSEY MIYAKE" brand


December - Changes the brand name "me" to "me ISSEY MIYAKE" in Asia or "CAULIFLOWER" in Europe and the U.S.


July - Changes the brand name "me ISSEY MIYAKE" to “me."


May - Launches the "me ISSEY MIYAKE" brand
February - Launches the "A-POC" brand


October - Naoki Takizawa presented his first "ISSEY MIYAKE" SPRING SUMMER 2000 Collection under the "ISSEY MIYAKE" label


August - Establishes A-net Inc. as a group subsidiary


February - Launches the "PLEATS PLEASE ISSEY MIYAKE" brand




September - Launched the "ISSEY MIYAKE MEN" brand


January - Opens the first overseas "ISSEY MIYAKE" shop on Place du Marche Saint-Honore, Paris


April - Participates in the Paris Collection as "ISSEY MIYAKE" in the AUTUMN/WINTER 1973 season


November - ISSEY MIYAKE INTERNATIONAL INC. (currently ISSEY MIYAKE INC.) is established
February - The first "ISSEY MIYAKE" brand collection is launched by MIYAKE DESIGN STUDIO in New York


April - MIYAKE DESIGN STUDIO is established
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