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Luca Benini
Founder of Slam Jam

2020 Hypes Score
Fashion , Retail


Slam Jam is the definitive destination for streetwear goods and culture in Italy. Founder Luca Benini is an industry veteran and a well-respected creative whose influence in fashion spans more than 30 years. Aside from carrying choice goods from some of the most premium brands in luxury and streetwear, Slam Jam energizes the culture with its striking collabs and awe-inspiring activations.

This year, Benini got a head start with Slam Jam’s collaboration with buzzy Swedish rapper Yung Lean. The Sadboys “Visualizing Sound” capsule was a vibrant mix of hoodies, tees and hats detailed with reflective elements. The conceptual retailer also got in the footwear game for the year as collaborations alongside Converse, Nike and Asics were well-executed with the brand’s design ethos in mind.

As the other half of ALYX, Benini and partner Matthew Williams elevated the brand’s design DNA with some intricately crafted pieces. Collaborations involving blackmeans and Stüssy fueled more hype around the brand in addition to its seasonal offerings. Lastly, ALYX and Nike also linked up in November to produce not one, but two Air Force 1 models detailed with the streetwear brand’s signature rollercoaster buckle.