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Brendon Babenzien
Founder of Noah
Asato Iida/Hypebeast

2020 Hypes Score
Fashion , Retail , Footwear


NOAH is a streetwear brand with a voice, often delivering messages relating to transparency in the business of clothing, care for the environment and other socially conscious themes vital in these present times. Designer and creative director Brendon Babenzien has made it a mission to deliver something more than just garments to NOAH’s followers, he’s encouraging a fanbase to do more for the sake of a better world.

In January, as the fires in Australia were quickly wiping out plantlife and animals, NOAH released a tee to benefit WIRES, Australia’s largest wildlife rescue organization. For its SS20 collection, NOAH’s lookbook was also an educational spread, giving viewers information on the imminent threats facing beaches and sea life. Tees to help in the fight against Coronavirus were also released this year as well as a partnership alongside Fear of God and other brands to help raise money for George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter, Gianna. Collabs with Vans, Barbour and Frog Skateboards were also in full swing in 2020, upping NOAH’s unshakeable vision for smart streetwear designs.