Sterling Ruby
Artist and Founder of S.R. Studio LA. CA
Andrew White

2020 Hypes Score
Fashion , Art


Sterling Ruby arrived at the intersection of art and fashion with great creative fervor. The LA-based artist doesn’t conform to any seasonal calendar and decidedly makes the things he wants to make whenever he feels the need to. This practice extends to the identity of his fashion brand S.R. Studio LA. CA and 2020 was no different in terms of creative output and care for quality.

To make new products, Ruby utilizes intricate construction methods and experimental dyeing and bleaching practices. Through these careful steps, Ruby achieves vibrant color mixtures and abstract conceptual cuts. The year brought in even more awe inspiring pieces from his brand such as its hand-bleached robes, fuzzy knitted sweaters and Soto totes. The creation of the “Veil Flag” also became the centerpiece to Ruby’s political concerns as an American artist. “Given the current political climate in the United States, I wanted to explore the concept of the flag as a signifier in flux and how our relationship to it may change when it is activated as a veil,” Ruby explained in an interview. Proceeds of the sales of the “Veil Flag” went to support the ACLU.

As an artist this year, Ruby showed works at the Gagosian and in Los Angeles’ Nonaka-Hill Gallery. He also inaugurated the new Xavier Hufkens Gallery in Brussels with a solo Exhibition.