Yuta Hosokawa
Founder and Designer at READYMADE
Keith Estiler/HYPEBEAST



Yuta Hosokawa has had a busy 2019, collaborating with a plethora of brands. These include the likes of Medicom Toy, Maxfield LA, F.C. Real Bristol and Timberland to name but a few. But brands weren’t READYMADE’s only collaborators, having also teamed up with Travis Scott for a collaborative T-shirt pack.

The last collaboration was notable because it took a Japanese staple and made it into something desirable for the American audience, a skill that READYMADE has perfected. The brand managed a similar effect with Timberland, turning the shoe inside out for a simple but effective change. As 2020 rolls in, you can be assured that READYMADE will continue collaborating with a who’s who of brands alongside its own range.