Yuta Hosokawa
Founder and Designer at READYMADE


The READYMADE designer Yuta Hosokawa has gained notoriety for perfecting the method of reconstructing military goods. Hosokawa’s overarching goal was to create something with more substance and this began with READYMADE as an experiment back in 2013. Since then, it has grown to the status of gaining attention from the likes of Don C, Jerry Lorenzo, Virgil Abloh, Richard Stark and many others. With the surging popularity of vintage, DIY and repurposed pieces, the time couldn’t be any more perfect for Hosokawa and this has been seen through joint projects alongside OFF-WHITE™, Just Don, BAPE and Fear of God. Despite the process of developing these products to be a difficult and lengthy one, Yuta Hosokawa is dedicated to providing those who appreciate his work with the best end results.
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