Justin Saunders
Founder of JJJJound
Vincent Tsang/Saturdays Magazine

Fashion , Design

Justin Saunders is a Montreal-based designer known for his imprint JJJJound, a label that started as an internet mood board before the days of Tumblr and Pinterest. Saunders is respected for his strong sense of style and eye for timeless minimalism, eventually joining Kanye West’s first generation of DONDA creatives alongside the likes of Virgil Abloh, Heron Preston and Matthew Williams. Saunders was the Creative Director for many projects including album cover art for Kanye West’s YEEZUS, Pusha T and Vic Mensa. In 2017, Saunders started launching his own JJJJound products with a Vans collaboration — that sold-out and surged in re-sell prices thanks to fans such as Travis Scott and Luka Sabbat — and other flagship items such as 8-ounce canvas tote bags, mugs, mini basketball hoops, all designed with the idea to improve with age and use.
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