Justin Saunders
Founder of JJJJound
Vincent Tsang


Justin Saunders founded JJJJound in 2008 as a website dedicated to curated visuals, essentially a digital moodboard long before the days of Tumblr and Instagram. The Montreal native's tasteful eye for effortless minimalism is a style often imitated but never truly duplicated. This year, Saunders continues to expand JJJJound's brand imagery by diving into designing his own products, offering items ranging from a Vans collaboration to heavyweight canvas tote bags to solid oak wood trestles. All of the products are understated, timeless and minimalist in style and made with high quality materials intended to get better with age. JJJJound continues to garner a cult following as a label that angles itself more as an art project than a business, all the while peddling collaborations with some of the most relevant brands and designers today.
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