Whats up fellas, havent seen a palm springs area thread on here and figured I start one up. Theres prolly only like 6 ppl in my area on HB as it is but this is more of a thread for ppl heading to the area for coachella fest or just a vaca from LA or whatever. But if you live out here shoot me a message. Theres not many shops out here that carry streetwear but there is one GEM here in the desert and its Revolution Ride Shop. They have 2 locations out here one in Highway 111 in La Quinta and one at the Westfield mall in Palm Desert, these dude carry everything from Nike SB, Diamond, UNDFTD, TH, and they also get all SB QS's. These dude are super legit and chill too, they always make you feel welcome even if you are just in there to look around, not like most LA shops where u get grilled the whole time and they make you feel like you need to buy something. Anyway just startin this to talk about the area and ish.