Hey everyone, selling some of my favorite street cameras. looking to save up for one main camera.
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Continental USA states shipping only.
price includes shipping. buyer must add 4% paypal fee or send as gift.

buyer has 24 hours after agreement of transaction to pay. Please serious buyers only, no low balling.

Leica Minilux Titanium. 40mm f/2.4 Summarit.
Amazing point and shoot camera. competes with the contax t2. 
2 paint brassing spots as pictured. fully functional. lens is flawless.
Camera is going for 350- 600 on ebay.

Price to sell $230 shipped

Leica Mini II. 35mm f/3.5 Elmar lens. compared to yashica t4 super.
great compact street shooter. especially with color film.

Price 100 shipped.

Yashica GTN black MADE IN JAPAN.
amazing camera with an even more amazing lens. The yashica GTN black in made in Japan. the silver GSN is cheaply made in china. Also like many desirable black paint rangefinder cameras, The GTN's top and bottom plate are made of pure Brass, making a great looking patina over time of use like a black Leica m2, m3, m4, and mp.
Comes with original box, leather strap, leather half case. and a metal square lens hood which cost me 30 bucks. I have removable black tape over the logo and exposure top meter just to make it more stealthier when shooting on the streets. it is removable and everything works. a very good condition GTN.
A working GTN will go for around $220 + shipping from japan usually (extra $40) on ebay. even then some dont have working hotshoes.
Everything works on this camera. compared to canon ql17 black edition.

Price to sell $ 200 shipped.