As my mind is already set on conquering 2013, it appears I'm not the only one. Since TheLavishWorld did a little promotion for "CREATE" earlier this year, its inbox and twitter account has been filled with requests of pushing their brand to another level. However, when Reed Bennett, co-founder of PRIVÉ, and designers Ryan Taylor and Ross Stienberg showed me their brand, there was no doubt that this is THE upcoming brand for 2013.

It's not only the combination of high quality materials and Balenciaga-esque aesthetic that the apparel has that completely mesmerized me, but also the mixture of that raw, rebellious feeling added to a soft canvas. It breathes sophistication, but in a younger setting that isn't as elite as other brands set themselves to be. Surely, we are impressed by the prices, which go from $125 to $610. If you want to look great for next summer or put some extra lavishness on your christmas list, be sure to at least check out their online store.

PRIVÉ was created on the standard that excellence is the bare minimum. Founded by designers, Ryan Taylor and Ross Stienberg, PRIVÉ is a line of luxury apparel which appeals to those who are intrigued by perfection. Particular leather, textiles, and threads are key components to each piece. Pristine craftsmanship and devoted patience are put forth in constructing, destroying, and reconstructing each piece through an incredibly detailed process. These tenets of precision and ingenuity spark PRIVÉ's ability to transform today’s thoughts, into tomorrow’s reality.

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