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Monark Box

Jan 31, 2012 @ 22:42
Just wondering if anybody on here is a member. Do you guys think it's good value? What exactly did you receive each month? What kind of exclusive sales or VIP treatment have you received if any? I can't say I'm the biggest fan. It seems like every shirt so far has just been an already done T-Shirt with Monark added on it. I'm in Canada, so I wouldn't sign up even if I liked it. The extra shipping and duties each month would kill the deal. I do like the Goodwood X Monark Piece though, think that was very well done. Personally, I'm thinking it might end up being a flop and with a bunch of customers complaining about a lack of exclusive sales or VIP treatment. Guess we'll see what happens though.

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Jan 31, 2012 @ 23:32
Everything you receive has been photographed extensively. The only additional stuff I've received was two packs of Snap candy (http://eatplaysnap.com/) in December, and a individual bag of Pop Chips this month. I think the boxes are definitely worth it in terms of value.

MONARK members had early access to the Amongst Friends capsule collection, but that was joke because at the same time the link was sent to us, a link was posted to the Karmaloop twitter account as well. Members are supposed to receive early access to BBC next month.

In terms of "VIP service," there is a team that deals with the MONARK box, and you have the ability to email and call/text them directly if you so choose. I think the Karmaloop service has always been top notch regardless of whether or not you're a MONARK member.
Jan 31, 2012 @ 23:57
Seems about what I thought. Customer Service with Karmaloop is always solid, but with the way it's been promoted, I think some might be disappointed if their expectations are really high.

I'd like to see them go a different route with the clothing though. Mix it up with something other than T's in my opinion, think most of us already have too many T's as is. The stuff ends up being limited run, but having every shirt be a remake with X Monark added to it doesn't appeal that much to me. I'd be especially annoyed if I had the original shirt already.

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May 31, 2012 @ 04:18
I got a 6 month subscription to MONARK back in february, missed the Amongst Friends box with the flask, the only accessory that I thought came close to being worthy.

Mishka box for April was honestly really crap came a week ago in May, quality of cotton tees is very low, print was cheap too - haven't worn it out once due to low quality of goods. Came with cheap chinese made clip on badges (the type you'd expect to get at a dollar store, and not clip on anything for fear of looking like a poor bastard that can't afford real branded stuff so you'd badge a brand instead.. pretty damn lame so far, and looks like the MAY box is just a t-shirt, doesn't even include an accessory. If you want to pay up front for 6 tees that you may or may not even wear due to quality - feel free, but I won't be renewing my subscription - so far its been a joke.
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