A week has passed, we've gotten compliments from all over the world and we couldn't be more proud of this issue. It's bigger, better in both content and graphic design, one of our interviewees has even gotten the chance to direct one of the bigger movies of next year. So not only cheers to us, cheers to him!

But let's not jump ahead. We actually have a reason for doing this recap. Since we learn every day, we've added links throughout the whole issue. You see the benefits of having an online magazine is that you can interact with the online environment. So for instance, you can click on the covers of the Neptunes Discography, and every cover will bring you directly to a download link.

Another reason for this recap is to actually look back at all the information we posted through the week. There have been a lot of extra information, especially videos and extra booklets, that you can't post in a magazine. Therefore, let's look back:

The first thing we uploaded after the release of the magazine was of course the Neptunes Discography, which contains every single song that has ever featured Pharrell, been written or produced by Chad and Skateboard P or even anything to do with them. Surely, we might miss a few songs right now from 2012, but as soon as the year is over we'll do another re-up from the whole collection with a more complete Volume 6. Down below the links for every volume:

Link to Downloads

Another creation from us for you was the Watch The Throne Tourbook, which accompanied the article in our magazine. Not only did we release the tourbook, but also did we release wallpapers for your macbook or computer made by us from the material we shot at the concert in Belgium. Below you can download the book and wallpapers again, as well as look through it:

Watch The Throne Book

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