We live in the age of customization, having the luxury to design every part of our being. Now even if you don't think you're that kind of person, look at your phone: does it have a background that you chose, which shows others your taste? Well, it's a new month and the winter has fallen fresh from the clouds to whiten our streets, so why would that not be time for a refreshening winter background for your phone?

At The Lavish World we designed that background, for both the Apple and Android user. So whether you sit in that cold seat of yours, curious of what's going on in the world and decide to go on your Samsung, HTC or iPhone, you just pick up your phone and see this to freshen everything up.

For the iPhone 4S and 5 I've created a matching home screen and lock screen wallpaper, as you can see above, which interacts with the apps and makes them look as if you've had to rub away the snow and ice from the window just to get to your apps. We also have the extra added row for your iPhone 5, so no worries there. Go to The Lavish World to download.