Sahbabii Says He Want to Make Album With Nujabes

The “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick” rapper also talks about how much he likes anime and nature.

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Sahbabii, who is best known for his song “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick,” recently connected with Montreality for an interview. In the 11-minute conversation, the Atlanta rapper spoke on a variety of topics including his “Unknownism” philosophy and the meaning behind his inverted crosses and “666.” He also spoke about his life before rap, his favorite anime and his love for nature and animals.

The highlight of the interview is when the rapper reveals that the late Nujabes is the artist he wants to make a collaborative album with the most. Sahbabii says that he enjoys the Japanese producer’s work in the anime Samurai Champloo and finds his work “calm and relaxing.” “I’d like to make an album with Nujabes, he went crazy man,” he says.

Watch the interview above and hit the 6:48 mark for the Nujabes segment.