50 Cent Says JAY-Z's '4:44' Makes Him Feel Like Carlton Banks

He also saw similarities between Kanye West and President Donald Trump.

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Last summer, 50 Cent decided to review 4:44, JAY-Z‘s latest album. 50 pointed out that the LP, although solid, will not connect with the youth because the album was “too smart” and it felt like listening to “golf course music.” Several months later, he further explained his review of 4:44 on Conan.

“Hip-hop culture’s connected to youth culture,” 50 begins. “The kids gon’ bring new innovative stuff. He just had the maturity bleed off into the material. So you look at it and go—it’s cool for me, like, in my car I’m listening to it. But the kids, I don’t see them actually listening to it.”

50 also added that he felt like the Brooklyn mogul was talking down to today’s younger generation. When Conan O’Brien asked 50 Cent about what the rapper meant about calling 4:44 “golf course music,” he answers, “I felt like Carlton Banks when I was listening to it.”

Later in his interview with Conan, 50 compares Kanye West’s confidence to President Trump’s bluster, wanting to be in the sequel to Dirty Dancing and a lot more.

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