KAWS Teases New BFF Vinyl Open Edition on Instagram

Keep your eyes peeled for this release.

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Brooklyn-based artist KAWS is making a comeback with the BFF Vinyl Open Edition after the re-release of the coveted Black BFF Statue earlier on this year. Although there is no official reveal yet, KAWS took to Instagram to announce his latest project coming later this year. The photo shows two large sample boxes of the KAWS BFF Open and MoMA edition. The BFF Plush has been released in Blue and Black so far and it is unconfirmed whether the new collection will bring back the previous colors or introduce a new one.

Stay tuned for any more news relating to the release as there is no doubt these will sell out quickly. Also, did you know that you can now use paper as a torch in the new Nendo x AgIC x Takeo invention?

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