You Can Stay In Francis Ford Coppola's Stunning Private Island Getaway

The resorts come with Wi-Fi so you can humblebrag.

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Legendary director Francis Ford Coppola has long been known for his extracurricular ventures, one of them being a selection of hotels such as Coral Caye. The resort ups the ante on your regular hotels by also doubling as its own private island — located just off the Belizean coast, specifically a 25-minute boat trip from the nearest resort.

The island has two cottages and a guest house — complete with canoes, snorkelling gear and fishing rods — as well as a plethora of hammocks and lounges for your relaxation time. And, while there’s no TV, there is Wi-Fi — so you’ll be able to stay connected to social media.

You can book a stay in Coral Caye by visiting its website.