Popular 'Dragon Ball Z' Episode Becomes a Live-Action Short Film

A fan film two years in the making.

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There aren’t any good examples of a live-action Dragon Ball Z adaptation in Hollywood, with Dragon Ball Evolution leaving much to be desired by die-hard fans. Robot Underdog took it upon themselves to create a fan-made adaptation of the History of Trunks episode, which was met with so much acclaim that fans rallied to raise money for a full short film. Two years later and the YouTube channel has delivered.

The film delves into the post-apocalyptic world of Future Trunks, his relationship with that timeline’s Gohan, alongside details of that timeless added from Dragon Ball Super to expand the story. The short has impressive effects and faithful representation of the character’s looks and mannerisms, albeit some lines are delivered a bit too seriously. Check out the full movie above and share your thoughts in the comments below.