Vision Street Wear Is Coming to Topman

The legendary brand is back.

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Since emerging on the fashion scene 30 years ago, influential cult streetwear label Vision Street Wear is making a triumphant return.

Now exclusively sold, promoted and supported by Topman, Vision is bringing the aesthetics of old school skate and streetwear culture to the contemporary era. Continuing its championing of the various campaigns that have propelled counter-culture movements across the globe, Vision is planning to drop a special batch of well-constructed, forward-thinking outerwear pieces, jerseys, tracksuits and more.

In  total, the collection for Topman includes 26 new creations intended to go far beyond traditional “seasonal boundaries.” Further adding to the appeal of Topman and Vision’s new offerings, skater and musician Kelvin Bueno steps in to model the new line. Most importantly, Vision is trying to positively impact the modern era like they did in previous generations.

You can take a look at Vision’s return to streetwear above, while the collection itself will hit Topman stores on Thursday, October 12.

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