Meizu's Gravity Speaker Applies Zen Philosophy to Product Design

The idea is called “missing design.”

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Chinese smartphone company Meizu has linked up with award-winning Zen Buddhist designer Hironao Tsuboi for its latest product, the Gravity speaker. Tsuboi is known for integrating his Zen outlook into his product designs and the Gravity is no different. The weighty speaker is balanced atop a transparent block that gives the entire piece an air of weightlessness; meanwhile, a prism serves as the product’s display, allowing light to filter through it freely—this is achieved through a patented film applied to the prism, called Half-Mirror.

The entire premise of the project is Tsuboi’s “missing design” concept, which opts for a eliminating and paring back the product’s design in order to let it stand on its own as an art object.

You can watch the project’s IndieGogo campaign video above and you can donate here.