Justin Bieber 'Purpose' Pop-Up Shop at VFILES Drew a Crowd of Unbeliebable Numbers

A huge turn out for fans of streetwear and the Canadian superstar.

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You would think that a shop for pop music sensation Justin Bieber would conjure up all the angsty teenyboppers that worship the Canadian heartthrob, but actually you’d be wrong. Announced on Justin’s Twitter, a special pop-up shop for his ‘Purpose Tour’ merchandise hit creative social networking platform VFILES local outpost #12MERCER that drew a crowd of Beliebers, music fans and streetwear heads alike, with the latter taking up most of the queue. Having Jerry Lorenzo of Fear of God overlooking the direction along with exclusivity to VFILES, the items combined a look and feel of rock tour merchandise aesthetics, while simple graphics and tour information added details relatable to all those in line. Inside, the store was fully stocked with hoodies, tees, long-sleeves and jackets all branding towards the Biebs’ performance tour with some pieces even listing the Brooklyn location for true locality.

Check out the gallery of pics above and read up about the tour merch and Jerry Lorenzo’s involvement.