This Device Allows You to Produce Your Own Designs Instantly With Your Vacuum

Easier and faster than 3D printing.

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Formerly an industrial technique used for mass-production, vacuum-forming will soon be accessible to just about everyone. The technique uses suction to create molds, which you can then use as is or use as a cast to reproduce a design over and over. People have already begun experimenting with materials like ice, chocolate, concrete, resin, foam and plaster, among others, to create one-of-a-kind gifts, candle holders, flower pots and more.

The FormBox founders designed their tool with the realization that each person is creative, which is why they believe it’s for everyone: hobbyists who simply have an idea; professional designers who need to create quick prototypes; and small businesses looking to reproduce things without make large orders.

Check out the FormBox Kickstarter here for more examples, videos and infographics on how the tool works.