etnies PAS 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

The seasonal release from etnies founder Pierre-Andre Senizergues (PAS) and his exclusive

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The seasonal release from etnies founder Pierre-Andre Senizergues (PAS) and his exclusive self-titled collection enjoys an official unveiling here with its 2010 spring/summer offerings inspired by the Sixth Element. The overall direction of the capsule is to capture the expanding notion of uniting both the old and new generation of skaters as three adult styles are paired with 3 toddler styles, all a tribute to various parts of PAS’ life.

As skateboarding progresses into its sixth decade (from the early 60’s to now 2010), Pierre-Andre Senizergues (PAS) designed the new etnies PAS Collection to symbolize the entrance of an important and new phase — the Sixth Element. This collection celebrates etnies’ expanding family of skateboarders becoming fathers and passing on their passion to their children with a father and son pair. The Sixth Element symbolizes a whole new generation emerging, with a nod to skateboarders of the past. This is the essential link to continue to defy convention with the ever-evolving skateboard chain of the future. The collection offers 3 adult styles with 3 complimentary toddler styles depicting the different stages that Pierre-Andre has encountered in life.

The French and American heritage colors of red, white and blue collide together in the spirit of skateboarding where defying convention knows no boundaries in the new etnies PAS collection –the Sixth Element. The first stage marks a skate revolution that unites Pierre’s French roots and gives birth to a new generation of youth that is simplistic in nature, sophisticated in style with complex undertones to reveal what is yet to come.

In the second stage of the etnies PAS Collection – The Sixth Element, a look into a son’s skateboarding future reflects images of his father’s past. Panels of metallic vibrancy capture surreal images and reflect light to give the modern skateboarder a touch of sheen and color in the ever evolving mosaic of skate culture.

Wrinkles reveal experience in the evolution stage of the etnies PAS collection-the Sixth Element. The aged leather of a father’s skateboarding journey and the soft nubuck material embodies the son’s fresh outlook. The two link together to create a new skate era. A historic nod to etnies in the Rebel logo and bright purple laces showcase the unexpected twist that is the path of every skateboarder.

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