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As 3sixteen set off in a new direction for the brand from its foundation in playful graphic

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As 3sixteen set off in a new direction for the brand from its foundation in playful graphic tees to a new more refined and mature aesthetic, we cover exactly what helps get brand founders Andrew Chen and Johan Lam through the everyday toils and makes their lives that much easier. Despite blatantly cheating and admitting to it by showcasing in excess of five essentials (mostly Johan), Johan and Andrew offered detailed descriptions of their daily necessities. For a better look at each item, they can be clicked and enlarged (wait for the page to fully load).

Press Shots: Dan Chen
Product Shots: Caleb Lin

Andrew Chen

Sinn 656S
For the longest time, I was convinced that I didn’t need a watch because I had the time readily available on my phone, computer and plenty of other places; now that I’ve begun wearing one again, I wonder how I got along without it. Aesthetically, this Sinn timepiece is perfect for me – sleek and understated. I also really like that the brand’s heritage and history: the founder, Helmut Sinn, started out building airplane instrument clocks in 1961 to meet the demanding functional needs of aviators. This particular watch takes its design cues from one of their early clocks.

All that aside, the ETA 2824-2 Swiss automatic movement inside keeps great time too.

Mi Pueblo’s cafe con leche
A cup of coffee from the bodega across the street helps me shake off the morning cobwebs and get to work. I’m not addicted by any means but it sure helps to get my mind right before the day begins. What makes their coffee so special is the slight hint of cinnamon they add to the coffee grounds prior to brewing. Can’t mess with it.

Clarks Desert Boots
Every guy needs a few good pairs of shoes…. I love these in particular for several reasons: the oft-imitated silhouette is a classic, the price is reasonable, and like good denim, they change over time. The more they’re worn, the better they age.

The keys to the greatest public transportation system in the world fit right in my wallet. I have a car, but I only use it to run errands and to get around on the weekends… there’s just no reason to battle traffic and risk parking meter tickets on the daily (thanks a lot, Bloomberg). Plus, I’ve grown accustomed to using the ride home as a time to relax and unwind. All I need is “A Love Supreme” on the iPod and by the time I reach my stop, everything is right with the world once again.

My source of truth, hope and inspiration.

Johan Lam

In My Bag
I know I’m kind of cheating right off the bat because I was only supposed to choose five items and this first picture already includes five. So, if you’re a big stickler for the rules then you can stop reading after this paragraph and hopefully your curiosity won’t overcome your morals.

I carry this bag with me everywhere because I can throw stuff in there that I need on a daily basis but doesn’t fit into my pockets. Living and working out of Los Angeles, a lot of my time is spent in the car, driving between warehouses, manufacturers, and retailers. My navi has been extremely useful in getting around Southern California or while exploring a new city. It also shows me real time traffic, finds the cheapest gas station in the area and has Bluetooth capabilities so I can use it as a speakerphone (which will come in extra handy on July 1st.) With all the time I spend driving from place to place, my cellular phone is always at arm’s length. I also use it to surf the web and check my e-mail when I’m sitting in traffic or out at lunch. My digital camera always comes along for the ride to document my day and I never leave home without my notepad and my favorite pen (Pilot G2 to be exact) to keep me organized.

I think I’ve only had about four wallets my entire life. Each one I’ve kept for years and ran into the ground until it had multiple holes and tears with cash and cards falling out all over the place. Eric at
Corter Leather just sent over a brand new bifold (custom made to my specifications) with a woven chain and key holder. Each leather good is skillfully hand-cut and sewn by Eric himself in New England. Just like my past wallets, I’m sure this one will be put to years of use, and unlike said wallets, will age beautifully and withstand all my abuse.

All that driving and sitting in traffic can make one pretty thirsty. Here are a few drinks that I keep in constant rotation. If I’m in the mood for the refreshing throat burn that a soda will bring, Coke is a classic that I’m unhealthily addicted to (though I much prefer it out of a fountain from, say McDonald’s, than from a can or bottle) and Squirt replaced my affinity towards Citra when the Coca Cola company stopped making it a few years ago. If it’s iced tea that I’m craving, Snapple Peach or Vita Lemon Tea are ones that I always go back to. Vita Lemon Tea can only be found in Asian markets like 99 Ranch, so anytime I stop into one, I stock up and buy about three 6-packs at a time. They’re also dope because it’s rare as an adult to get the chance to enjoy a box drink. If I have no time to pick up one of the aforementioned drinks, I’ll fill up my trusty Gatorade water bottle with water. I’ve had the thing for about eight years and it’s still going strong. Honorable mention goes to an ice cold orange bang from Chano’s.

Because it rains 2.8 days in Los Angeles and is sunny the rest of year, I would be suffering from major photochemical retinal damage if I wasn’t constantly wearing one of the many Sabrevision sunglasses I’ve amassed over the years. I’m already nearly legally blind as it is without my contact lenses or the many pairs of glasses that I’ve stolen from my dad.

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