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NOWHERE Last Orgy LO2 Reprint Stadium Jacket

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In a retro of some of their previously released pieces, Jun Takahashi (of UNDERCOVER) and NIGO (of A BATHING APE) unveil their LO2 Reprint Stadium Jumper jacket seen here. The jacket comes as part of the NOWHERE initiative which was recently revi...

TOKYO SUITE Selected by NIGO® – A Bathing Ape CD Case

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As reported previously, BAPE founder NIGO®, has teamed up with the Park Hyatt Hotel to release a mixed tape entitled “TOKYO SUITE SELECTED BY NIGO®”. In turn, NIGO® has taken it upon himself to create a CD case under the BAPE banner t...


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A Bathing Ape founder NIGO is no stranger to the musical world. With a passion originally rooted in Hip-Hop which still sees him as the official DJ to the TERIYAKI BOYZ, NIGO finds himself curating a special selection of tracks together with the...

THINK SILLY Interview with Nigo & Jun Takahashi

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THINK SILLY caught up with Nigo and Jun Takahashi for an exclusive interview as they prepared to opening their new NOWHERE retail space. Amongst a variety of topics, Nigo and Jun speak of why they chose the new location, history of their respecti...


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Word from the general is that A Bathing Ape are to release ‘Bape Paper’ a new magazine, exclusive to Bape Gold Card members (Japanese residents) only. Though there’s not a huge amount of detail at present, we can report that the...

NIGO® & Jun Takahashi: NOWHERE

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Reuniting for the launch of their new NOWHERE space, we sit down with famed Japanese designers NIGO® and Jun Takahashi for some insight into their latest retail venture.

NOWHERE Hong Kong Opening

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A heavy-weight contingency was recently in Hong Kong to partake in the recent opening of the NOWHERE Hong Kong flagship store. With it saw the appearance of respective personalities NIGO(R) (of A Bathing Ape), Jun Takahashi (of UNDERCOVER) and Te...

Tokyo Suite, Selected by Nigo

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In celebration of its 15th anniversary as one of the planet’s leading luxury hotels, the Park Hyatt in Tokyo have collaborated with the Bape general himself, Nigo®. Drawing inspiration from the time he spent at the hotels’ lavish tokyo suite on t...

NOWHERE Hong Kong Further Preview

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With the recent announcing of a NOWHERE Hong Kong in the works, NIGO(R)’s partner in crime Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER chimes in with his own thoughts and previews. Working with the same designers behind their previous NOWHERE locations, it...


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NIGO (R) offers a teaser into an upcoming branch of his NOWHERE retail venture as it is set to open in Hong Kong. The venture between NIGO (R) and long-time friend Jun Takahashi of UNDERCOVER will open in late September.